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“Here at Hugh Gordon Architect we pride ourselves on being innovative and intuitive… making your project as efficient and pain free as possible”.

– Hugh Gordon, Director

Our company has been designing homes, apartments & townhouses for the past two decades in the A.C.T. and N.S.W. With a rich team consisting of an Architect, Town Planner and Building Designer our office is able to deliver high quality design projects of any scale or scope. Our in house Town Planner ensures a quick and painless development application process, saving our clients time and money. With our head office based in Canberra, A.C.T. we are centrally located and conveniently placed to service both the Sydney, South Coast and Victorian regions.

With our lead Architect and director having spent his early career designing sustainable housing, we have continued to foster our firms focus for sustainability and sensitive environmental design. Evolving from the simple idea of ESD, we desire to push the boundaries of sustainability past that of simple ad hoc devices. Our design philosophy is to produce buildings that react to both the clients desires and also to their surrounding environment.


As soon as we met Hugh we knew the design of our beach house would be a success. Hugh listened really well and rapidly interpreted our requirements to design our fabulous house. The site visit was critical. We watched as Hugh moved some design boxes around on his iPad to incorporate the views and the aspect. It was fun and easy working with Hugh. Highly recommended.

David Holt

Hugh Gordon Architect and his team were very helpful and responsive, providing professional advice whilst allowing us to input to the project design. Hugh is very competitively priced, working on big and small projects in rural, city and coastal areas around Canberra. We are looking forward to building our sustainable home!


We went to Hugh with strong ideas about what we wanted, and the ambition to build a straw bale house, with good passive solar heating and cooling. Hugh was very sensitive to our budget limits and happy to go back and forth with major and minor modifications right through the process. He always answered our questions in a straightforward, reassuring manner. He also recommended our builder, who we have been very happy with.

Melissa Benyon

I have worked with Hugh Gordon, Architect on a number of projects including my home.. It is a stunning, light, airy with great passive solar attributes.. we have been living in it for a few years and love it.. I recommend Hugh and his team to anyone in this area, for houses, industrial work and apartment living.

Kate Davy

Hugh has been excellent in helping us out with our container home design. Responsive to our requests, very supportive of eco-friendly ideas. He knows the region well, particularly where our build project is, and has taken the plans to the council for approval. For the work undertaken we think he is is very good value for money.

Marlon McCarthy Butler

My wife and I engaged Hugh to design our ‘forever house’. Hugh undertook a number of modifications to the plan to achieve the desired design and to achieve the brief that we sought to achieve. We have recently moved into our house and it is a wonderful house that was affordable due to simple and efficient design. Hugh recommended a number of builders and the builder chosen, BCT Constructions, did a wonderful job of delivering on the quality and the design that we had hoped for. Very happy.

Paul Middleton

We had the pleasure of working with Hugh Gordon Architect for a new house we are building. In the brief we told Hugh everything and anything we wanted to include, expecting Hugh to tell us that some of what we wanted wasn’t possible. In fact, Hugh responded with “anything is possible!” He and his team were great to work with.


Awards and Honours

Some of the awards and honours our projects have received.
  • 2007 ACT AIA Award for Residential Architecture
    • Project: O’Connor House, Boobialla St | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2007 ACT HIA Greensmart Home of the Year
    • Project: O’Connor House, Boobialla St | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2007 ACT AIA Residential Architecture Commendation
    • Project: Michelago House, Michelago | Builder: R & CM Wilkinson
  • 2008 HIA National Award Finalist
    • Project: O’Connor House, Boobialla St | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2008 ACT HIA Greensmart Home of the Year
    • Project: O’Connor House, Boobialla St | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2011 ACT HIA Greensmart Home of the Year
    • Project : Sherbrooke St Pavillion, Ainslie |
  • 2012 ACT MBA Heritage Restoration & Refurbishment Award
    • Project: Percy House, Forrest | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2012 ACT MBA Remodelling Award > $400,000
    • Project: Percy House, Forrest | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2012 ACT MBA House of the year Award Finalist
    • Project: Percy House, Forrest | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2014 ACT MBA Residential Sustainable Construction Award Commendation
    • Project: Zimmerman Passivus House, Weston | Builder: Preferred Builders
  • 2015 ACT HIA Townhouse/Villa of the year award
    • Project: 53 Kent St, Deakin | Builder: T & K Bespoke Buildings
  • 2016 Houzz Award
    • Best Customer Service
  • 2017 Houzz Award
    • Best Customer Service
  • 2017 ACT MBA Townhouses & Villas of the year award
    • The Vanguard | Builder: CLV Constructions


“Our aim is to provide you with a design solution that marries both your needs and desires with a truly beautiful and sustainable piece of architecture.” – Hugh Gordon, Director


To make the design and building process as simple and pain free as possible, whilst delivering economical, quality and sustainable housing to our clients.

Client Focus

We like to listen. Here at Hugh Gordon Architect we will take every piece of information you feed us and generate a beautiful design solution that meets all of your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority!


We have long believed architects are most needed by those who believe they cant afford them. The long term economic benefits that come from an Architectural Designed home are much more important to those starting off in life. For that reason we have the most competitive rates in the A.C.T. as an initiative to make Architecture affordable to all.